Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween. Wednesday Shenanigans

*** Disclaimer this was written on Tuesday night. Late due to internet.

This blog post is coming a bit late because we have not had internet for a few days. You get used to it. Molly and I both agreed that although we feel a bit out of the loop without the internet, we welcome it. We like being able to disconnect and relax. Molly makes bracelets, I clean and organize, read my book, and we all sit around our table.

Monday evening after curling up in my bed I started reading my new book. Wild (From lost to found). A book about a girl who backpacked the entire West Coast. This book is her retelling her journey, what she saw and what she learned. I am excited to read it. Here is a brief excerpt that I feel fits me quite well at this point in my life. Both in my place in Honduras and for what is to become of my future.

“It was a world I’d never been to and yet I had known was there all along, one I staggered to in sorrow and confusion and fear and hope. A world I thought would both make me into the woman I knew I could become and turn me back into the girl I’d once been.”

Today at school, my third graders were learning about the stars, the sun and we reviewed the weather. I spoke about white dwarfs and asked the kids to draw them in their books. A white dwarf is a very small star (according to their science books). I wish I would have taken a picture because the kids did not draw a star, they drew a very small person (a dwarf). I laughed out loud at the pictures. 

As well my second graders are working to earn a movie in class. I told them that I would bring in popcorn and we could watch a movie but they must earn 10 points. ( I have a meter on the board that I fill in when they earn a point). They can earn points by doing homework, working quietly, staying in their seats, etc. One of the boys, Howdy, never ever raises his hand when he needs something. If he was not so darn cute I might get more angry but he is so so so cute. Today I told the class that if we could get Howdy to raise his hand more, that they could earn a point. So today when Howdy raised his hand to ask if he could go to the restroom the whole class erupted with applause. They were so excited. (Howdy was a bit embarrassed but it was too funny). I explained he has to do it all day long to earn a point but they were still proud of him.

We celebrated Philips birthday tonight and went to Sarah's, one of the Pre-Kindger teachers parents restaurant. Many of the families at our school have hotels (really that means they have a bunch of cabins near the lake) or restaurants nearby the lake. Her Dad is from Vermont but has been in Honduras for 30 years or so, he married a Honduran. They serve the fried fish fresh from the lake where they fry the whole thing including the head and all. A bit creepy. We ate and had birthday cake. Phillip being a former Archeology major is very knowledgeable in all things history and the development of countries and settlements so in honor of his birthday Faye prepared a pub quiz. (Trivia). We played boys vs. Girls. Their were 8 rounds consisting of Honduras, General Knowledge, Geography, Historical Figures, TV and Film, Cocktails, Science, Music. The boys won. (we wanted them to win (promise), they get very competitive and we knew that we would never hear the end of it.)

Right about now they are laughing in our kitchen with three Honduran friends that we all met at church. They are laughing, having drinks. I however am being lame, I cannot seem to keep my eyes open. I am falling asleep and in my bed writing this. 

Happy Halloween as well! Nothing special here. It is so not celebrated in this country and often highly discouraged. But being someone who enjoys Halloween as a reason to drink apple cider, or whiskey cider like my old roommates in Denver did at our house on Elizabeth street, eat lots of candy and celebrate I miss this dear holiday. 

***PS I think I am justifying drinking red wine tonight. Calling it Blood. (Works for me!)

Warmest Kristina

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