Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bond. James Bond.

Bus ride from hell in the rain. James Bond. Popcorn. The mall. The girls. Our Saturday in a nutshell.

This morning we woke to the sound of rain that continues even to this moment and we made the decision to grab a bus to San Pedro Sula to see the new James Bond movie. One thing is for sure, no matter where you go to a movie around the world it is always cold in the theatre.  (hello Air Conditioning) Just the girls made the trip and we gladly purchased fountain drinks, i bought popcorn and we agreed it did not feel like we were in Honduras anymore. The movie theatre was Cinemark and was just like the Cinemark theaters in the states. (no sour patch kids though... or hot tamales) After the movie we all parted ways to shop at the mall. I wanted to splurge on something new for my birthday but was unsuccessful. Buying nice clothes seems so foolish when I think about where I spend my time, our washer that doesn't work and the fact that we don't really "go out". So instead I settled for a nail file, face wash, eyeliner and a loofah. (really went crazy let me tell you)

Our weekend began Thursday... After confirming for the umpteenth time that the rain was not going to end, we planned for a memorable evening in our house, we pooled what was remaining of our pay for the month to buy two bottles of wine and candles. The wine selection is scarce in our town so I decided to try a new kind. I should have known when the name of the bottle is "Night Train" that it was going to be rough but when "Night Train" is the only cheap red wine available you drink it. Faye later confirmed it was in fact more like a crappy sherry wine. We drank and listened to cheesy wedding songs. We brainstormed perfect first dance songs for hypothetical husbands we would marry. We ate bowls of stove top popcorn...The four of us girls laughed and sang the best of the best love songs....(this list below is a very very small sample of what was a whole evening of you tubing songs)

The Power of Love, Celine Dion
Lets get it On, Marvin Gaye
At Last Etta James
Have I told you Lately that I love you, Rod Stewart
More than Words, Extreme

Friday evening was spent at the D and D talking, eating, having the best chocolate cake you can get your hands on in this country.... Lotte and Ramone (resident employees at the D and D) gave some recommendations for our next week Visa renew trip in Guatemala. We are getting excited. Friday I woke up in the night to the cool air. We have reached winter in this country and although this would pass as a very mild fall day in Kentucky, our tropical adjusted bodies are cold. As well, Thomas and Philip are away for the weekend so Matt spent his Friday with the girls. (girl number 5)

I will post more about the parade that took place Friday through our town. My kids looked so cute all dressed up! For now here are a few images from around our house recently...

We have eaten all of our oranges that hang low so Thomas was kind enough to climb on top of the water tank and throw some down.

Why not then get on our roof. I asked him to fix the leak while he was at it :)

Who else would think it is a great idea to ride a bike through our house? Matt. I wish I captured when he went through Molly and Alison's room. The door was only slightly opened so he drove straight into the door so it would swing open for him to ride through. 

Happy Rainy Saturday yall..

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