Monday, November 5, 2012

Come Monday It Will Be Alright

A few things on this Monday, this post coming at you in bullet points...

Clean Clothes: clean clothes are the best. Here is the view of my clothesline in  my room. Check out my great curtains too..

clean clothes drying!
Friday Night: We had our weekly family dinner but this time it was breakfast style. Matt and Kate served up french toast with homemade chocolate sauce and fried bananas, egg casserole and bacon. We drank mimosas and were full of yummy breakfast goodies. One of our dinners sitting around our big brown table until I can no longer keep my eyes open.

Rainy Monday: it is raining. It is not yet 6:00 am as I write this and the rain on the tin roof makes it impossible to want to get out of bed, let alone go to school. But alas the day awaits me.

Bike adventure: Saturday, After spending our morning writing the exams for our kids with Kate. Matt and I ventured to pick up our new bikes. We bought bikes from a sale that was taking place nearby and one of the teachers dads picked them up for us. We rode the bus to the hotel and were all ready to ride our bikes back on the windy, hilly road around the lake. The gears needed some patience... Matt ramped on a speed bump in a small village only for one of the kids standing nearby shout, “Hola Teacher!” (setting such a good example.) I picked up some speed heading downhill and looked back and Matt was not following. I pulled over to the side and waited. Shortly after I see Matt hobbling along on one pedal. His entire pedal fell off. Our hour bike journey turned into hitching a ride in the back of a pickup. We should have known new bikes in Honduran come with a disclaimer....."this bike may fall apart before you get it home"

Yoga Outside: Saturday afternoon Lotte and I did yoga outside of the D &D on the back patio. I first covered myself in bug spray and was then able to practice but it was one of the best sessions. Laying in final shivasina a bird flew above the trees. It was incredible. (rode my bike to the D and D and for one of a few times I felt like this place was home. Riding with my yoga mat outside my backpack). 

My parents: Skyping with my parents and the dog. They were watching football and for a brief second I thought I was there with them. Looking forward to Christmas and spending nearly a week in Texas with just them before we head to Louisville to see family and friends. 

College Football: Louisville is 9-0 and I sat with Thomas and Matt attempting to live stream the Alabama LSU game. The Internet stops and goes and typically does so at the most important times in the game, for example right as they snap the ball. But beggars cant be choosers in this country.

Sunday coffee reading my book: Sunday while waiting on the bus to go to Taulabe for Catholica Mass. Catholic Mass, I read my new book and drank coffee. (Sad day when they put sugar in it and I did not want any). I met up with Veronika the older English teacher on the bus to go to church. Talaube is about an hour by bus, we had coffee before church, then after church went to Secutapeke for lunch. The lunch was so good, it was a buffet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, lasagna  soups, fresh breads. It was so not Honduran. I got home around 4:00 pm yesterday and left at 6:30 am. It was a long day, but nice to head up the mountain to a different town.

Best orange juice, my coffee with sugar (yuck) and the women making baleadas for breakfast.

Below is a short timeline of the next coming weeks.

thanksgiving, my birthday, two Guatemala trips on the schedule.
  • 11.5. 2012- 11.9. 2012 Review week for our kids, review everything we have learned.
  • 11.9. 2012 Anniversary of the school. We have a parade through town at 8:00 am in the morning. Early day for us at school! Woo hoo!
  • 11.10.2012- 11.11.2012  Weekend in Pena Blanca, ride my bike, family dinner Friday night and hopefully girls day on Saturday in San Pedro for a massage or nails.
  • 11.12.2012- 11.16.2012 Exam week and the week before my birthday. Short days at school only until 12!
  • 11.16.2012-11.18.2012  Teacher trip to Rio Dulce. We are heading to Guatemala, to a town translated "Sweet River" for our visa renew trip.
  • 11.16.2012 One month countdown until I am home for Christmas!
  • 11.17.2012  My birthday! Celebrating my 25th in Guatemala!
  • 11.22.2012-11.25.2012  Girls trip to Guatemala City to visit Stephanie! So excited to go to Antigua and explore.
  • 11.23. 2012 Thanksgiving. Hopefully get to skype with my family since they will all be together for Thanksgiving. I will be missing them from Guatemala.

  • Only 16 days until I fly home. A little excited if you cannot already tell.
  • Only 3 weeks of classes until we are done for break.
  • 12.14.2012 Fly to Texas for Christmas
  • 12.22.2012 Fly to Louisville with my parents.
  • 12. 23.2012 Christmas Eve Eve Gingerbread Day at the Scott's house. (Favorite day all year)
  • 12.25. 2012 Christmas Day
Our calender on the window of our house.
The bus on the way home Sunday...

The lake from the bus window...

Tonight we are celebrating Bonfire Night (English holiday). Happy Election eve everyone!

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