Friday, November 16, 2012

Dance Party. Pizza. Pinata.

Thursday evening pizza party, turned into dance party, piñata cutting, cake. One of the best Thursday evenings to date. Alison and her house of 17 came over for homemade pizza. We decorated, had activities, nail polish, and celebrated for nothing. Cake with sprinkles and a piñata filled with candy. (Piñata Jessie from Toy Story). We transformed our house to host 30 people. All afternoon Faye and Matt prepped homemade pizza. Pizza with cheese, pepperoni, ranch and chicken, bacon and onion, more cheese. We had popcorn, leches (the funky looking Honduran fruit that tastes so good)..

When asked the time, we discovered it was 10:20 pm. The girls all have exams but with a moment of shock wearing off, we all agreed... this was too good of a night to pass up. They stayed for four hours and i have nearly 200 pictures from Dania to show for it. Enjoy.

We are off to Guatemala for the weekend/ visa renew trip/ my birthday! Hope yall have a wonderful weekend. So much to catch up.

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