Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lesson for Thursday

This morning I was reading a blog that I often visit. I loved this entry. Loved what it said so I thought i would share. Enjoy what she wrote below:

I’m just beginning to learn— that to fear God we women must deliberately ignore the disapproval of our sisters and mothers and magazines and friends.

We must choose instead to think long and hard, to ponder all alone just what it is that the LORD is asking of us.
To wear the clothes that fit, and toss out those wishful thinking styles that bind our souls too tight.

But how? Other than letting ourselves get all hard and cold and defiant, how in the world can we act on this?
Here’s my list for me…
  1. To not try to do it all.
  2. To tell the truth.
  3. To be satisfied with who we are and then be free to enjoy our sisters who aren’t like us at all.
  4. To do what only I can do and not try to do more.
  5. To smile and have fun and hole up in quiet corners all by myself just because I crave that.
  6. To wear glitter when grey is more the style.
I am learning… slowly.

As well a picture on my birthday, with my birthday cake, laughing not sure at what..... 

My kids have been gems this week. Reminding me of their gentle hearts, creative minds, innocent spirits and the greatest gift of all forgiveness. (kids are so good at those things). Hope yall have a great week. My blog posts and updates are coming a bit random. It has been a bit busy here. Have a good day!

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