Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New week. Beach Weekend.

The weekend was good.... Just the perfect balance of relaxation, sun, a nap, reading my new book (which I just finished minutes ago). Our journey home was the usual Tela to San Pedro (Greyhound style bus, no air conditioning, very hot. Matt shared his head phones and we danced on the bus. Listening to jams.) We did not catch the smaller air conditioned bus for the second leg from San Pedro to Pena Blanca, we instead got on the nicknamed "chicken bus" aka means school bus from the US that is no longer used obviously in the US so someone bought them from the US and drove it all the way to Central America to be used as a bus. The bus is famed "Chicken bus" because it is often used my people to transport livestock, haul things, load things out the exit in the back. Everyone piles in and even at one point a Evangelical got on the bus and began preaching from the middle aisle. This carried on for about 20 minutes or so as he held up his bible and started shouting.... (interesting to say the least).

Friday evening we went into Tela to our favorite place to have margaritas and eat dinner. It was a beautiful evening and the owner of the school surprised us by sending Nick with 2000 limpiars to buy dinner for all of us. This is about $15.00 per person. So nice.

Saturday the weather was a bit dodgy all day, I woke up and went for a run with Kate and Alison. We ate our usual breakfast provided by the place. Fresh fruit, fresh baked breads and juices. The best coffee too.

 I did an hour yoga session here. The ocean is just beyond the trees. It was amazing. It was hot but it was one of the most relaxation sessions I have had in Honduras yet.

Below are some snapshots of our day. The kids below were swinging on the hammocks really high. Hopefully the video worked below :)

This is a good picture of what our day looked like... don't be too jealous. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away.
The girls Saturday below:

Notre Dame vs. Stanford live streaming.. The boys Saturday....

Not much of an update here. My week started as per usual... Kate woke up sick on Monday so we all pitched in with her classes. Matt and I did yoga via candle light in my room last night. It was super hot in my room but so relaxing. I stayed up late because I could not keep my book down.

Book club girls in Denver I finally finished Gone Girl and you were right, it is as addicting to read as any book I have read in a long time. It does not end as you expect but gosh dang it was a good read. I highly recommend to anyone out there looking for a new book. I am going to loan my kindle to Veronika, the older English lady teacher who is every ones favorite. She has lived in Honduras for nearly 25 years now but still manages to laugh at all things Honduran. She knows the school better than anyone and often mediates/ translates for everything at the school. For example today I was pulled out of my 3rd grade class to the principals office. The kids were all nervous when the principal came in, said, "Per Miso? (Excuse Me, I am sorry) Ms. Kristina uno momento" I followed her to then meet one of my students and his dad (2nd grader) waiting in her office. I was a bit nervous unsure what he had to say. Apparently Samuel told his Dad that I did not let him eat because he was held in my class during recess for discipline. part of this my friends is true. The discipline system I have developed includes writing the kids names on the board and adding minutes next to their name for how long they must stay in class during recess for any number of reasons, (misbehaving, not sitting in their chairs, no books, no homework etc.) The first part is so NOT true. I never keep them the entire time and even if I do I ask that they eat in class with me. Woopsie. Misunderstanding. All clear now! Kids gotta eat and so do I!

Happy hump day tomorrow Meg Day... if we were still at work I would gladly adorn your desk with a sign to celebrate!

Hope you all have a wonderful week... I am off to get some sleep. Morning run with the girls before school :) May you find the simplest joy and laughter in the small things..... like the ants that were just crawling my arm from the plate in my room... So gross! Goodnight!

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