Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Perfection

Saturday perfection was in full affect today. I woke with a warm cup of coffee, sunny weather, Spanish being spoke outside my window, the misty haze on the Mountains and my roommates coming home from their run. We had a full evening spent eating dinner prepared by Kate and Philip. We had Thai stir fry, and a mango/apricot puree dessert and drank wine in a coffee cup. We laughed and played charades till late in the evening. Jason from the D and D joined us and is now in rotation to cook with us. (family dinner once a week, two people cook and prepare the whole meal). Our next family meal is Wednesday evening for Faye's birthday (Allison from South Africa and Matt from Ohio). We moved up the day because we are heading to the beach on Friday for the weekend.

This morning I drank coffee, ate a fresh pineapple and loaded the washer with my towels and sheets. I decided to rearrange my room a bit and mop the floor. The smell of clean sheets and clean floor made my morning. I tided my room before Matt and Thomas came over for hot yoga in my room. I have subscribed to a podcast of yoga from a studio in California and it has been the best treat here. In sweat and relaxation the three of us completed an hour long session on our mats. The boys are new yogis and I am getting them hooked. It was such a good one today.

After yoga I cooked fresh vegetables in coconut milk for lunch. I cleaned up our porch, cleaned my bathroom, and went grocery shopping for a few things. This Saturday was full of some of my very favorite things. (I am a big Dork I know). Cleaning, listening to music, coffee, and yoga are all the top of my list.

The icing on the cake of today was our hot water was installed. As Faye so eloquently said showering was not a chore before, it was a dreadful experience (British accent). I stood in our warm shower, shaved my legs without the hair growing back and internally smiled at the very simplest joy of warm water. After my shower of heaven, Faye and I gave ourselves a facial with Oatmeal, Egg white, and lemon. (googled this concoction from online). My face dried up and felt clean and good. I wish I had a photo, Philip cut up cucumbers for us and we sat with lumpy porridge on our face at our kitchen table. I bought a simple pedicure kit at the grocery store and soaked my feet as well. It was a mini spa for Kristina (honduran style). (PS my pedicure must have been a good one because the biggest cockroach just crawled next to my foot, gross).

Matt sat at our kitchen table yelling at the Internet with anticipation of the Notre Dame game. Matt has decided he will be moving in with the girls (not really) but in the least offensive way we call him a girl and we would love to have him as our new roommates  Faye and Molly give him crap for sitting and watching American Futbol (insert British accent) all day, but one thing is for sure, he loves his fighting Irish and now the British girls check the score and cheer when there is a touchdown.

I am exhausted, tired in the best way and in other news my blog got a facelift.

May you find your perfect day, doing and delighting in what makes your heart smile. I am full of goodness and happy. Cheers from Honduras.

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