Friday, October 5, 2012

And with both fists, I'm needin' you

Heads up 7 up was a childhood favorite. and today the third graders made my morning when they all completed their English homework from the night before (Exception being two kids who explained that they did not quite understand). This is a big feat for this class, they have a reputation for being rowdy so this was a small victory. Because of this we got to play a game for the last few minutes in class. Sitting low in a mini chair, with my head down, my knees to my chest, in between two kids giggling, I was so grateful... the kids had been so good all morning and there is nothing like playing a game, knowing that when you put your head down, eyes are closed, your thumb up, knowing that the kids are fine, that they wont tear down the walls, that you trust them.

I was like a proud parent, and there is nothing better than that. I know what it is like now (maybe in a small way) what it is like to give your children boundaries and rules, and to watch them respect and love others in those boundaries. I know as well what it is like to be proud of your children. To celebrate when they do well. Today was full of all of those things....

Last night we went to the D and D Brewery for wine night. I have been doing a 30 day challenge of Paleo eating, (No grains, no legumes, no dairy, no alcohol, no sugar) and last night I splurged for red wine. We played a game of jenga that the Brewery has that has tasks written on the jenga blocks that you must do when you pull a block out. A few pictures below give you a small glimpse of the game. Three of us ended up crashing at the D and D for the night, as the taxis do not run late and we did not want to leave yet.

After a incredible omelet and the best coffee (we have not quite mastered how they make their coffee so well, we have the same beans but something about the coffee at the D and D taste so much better) we walked to a taxi and home. I woke up this morning with swollen feet, that were only growing worse. I quickly took off my TOMS becuase I realized that they would get stuck should I be leaving them on. Soon after that my roommates informed me that I have a rash on my ears and the next thing you know I have a rash all over. Just my luck I think. 

I decided to head up to the pharmacy to show the pharmacist to get a antihistamine. As I was walking my feet grew more and became very painful. I could tell my throat was beginning to swell... holding it together I hopped into the doctor in town. His daughter is in my class so I knew he would be able to help me. I messaged my roommates to let them know I decided to wait to see him. The best part about medicine here is it is very cheap to see a doctor, you simply walk in, wait in a que and then you see the doctor. He recognized me right away. I showed him my growing rash and feet. At this point I had phoned my roommates to come and bring my epi pen just in case. Molly and Faye both fluent in Spanish helped as I tried to show the doctor and explain. They told me he was going to give me an injection. So I flipped over at his request and got a shot right on my left butt cheek (Sorry a bit more information that you want.  I now have a purple and black bruise under my right cheek and now a bruise in my left from the shot. As my sister said. You cannot catch a break can you. All in all I am good. Laying in bed hoping the swelling dimenishes. I was hoping to get in some yoga today on my day off. But a swelly foot is no good for yoga. We have family dinner tonight. Chef Philip and Kate are the cooks. (Phillip was a chef in england). Looking forward to Thai Curry.

Pre shot... Molly and Faye laughed as i laid on the table. Note all the meds behind me...

I am home now, resting up, hoping the swelling dies a bit. Happy Friday yall.

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