Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday a Bit Late

*** Disclaimer this post is coming a bit late because we have been without internet. This was my Monday.

Spanish. My spanish needs some help. Slowly I am learning but I realize that if I want to leave this country and be able to articulate and understand I need more practice. Sunday after a good long run by myself (yes I ran alone for the first time, now that I am familiar with where I am, I took a gravel road through farms in the sun, it was one of my favorite runs since I have been here). On my way home I stopped by the souvenir shop in town, that sells mass produced Honduran gifts, the usual shot glasses, coffee mugs, picture frames etc. The lady in the store I recognized because her sister lives next to the boys house. (Matt and I needed directions to church one time and we asked them.) I bought a headband that I had had my eye on. While looking in her shop the lady in the shop said that she needs to practice her English and I said I need to practice my Spanish. I told her I would come back in the afternoons and sit out front of her shop with her and we could practice together. Today I was done at school at noon and I ran home from school. The girls took my backpack for me and I just took my phone, my keys and some money. I ran straight to her store. I sat out front of her shop with her for an hour. It is so helpful to be able to exchange vocabulary and talk. I am going to be visiting her each day after school. When I told her I could not come tomorrow because i have swimming, she said, “aahhhh ok!” (disappointed look) and then said  “I really like you”. I think this will really help my Spanish

Today was a good day, we got some new furniture today delivered (the teacher that came and went, the older lady from the States had a house by the boys that they moved things into and we got the things from her house). I mopped our floor while the girls were still at school. (therapy for me)

Our trash bin lid had fallen over the side of our balcony. Over the side of the balcony is really gross, filled with trash and we live on the second floor. I had no clue how we could get around to retrieve it. But today I saw a woman down below, burning her trash. I saw her only after I went outside to see where all the smoke was coming from. In my broken spanish I got her to grab it and throw it up to me. First attempt was a fail but then I made a motion of a frisbee and she gave it a try, it successfully made it up! 

As well Matt and I carved my pumpkin that Stephanie brought me from Guatemala. We decided to pay tribute to our favorite college football teams who are still both 8-0 this year. (notre Dame and Louisville of course). We are pretty proud. 

I did a load of wash, and decided I needed to take a picture, of the ridiculouslness that is my room. (will post later). As well we all just hung out, drank coffee, Matt was being a goof as per usual. We made cards for Philips birthday tommorow and I later did an hour of yoga. (addicting). 

Check out what I have now successfully mastered :) Matt is clearly so proud of me and I am so excited! It is now a nightly ritual to practice more.

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