Friday, October 12, 2012

Delight in the Little Things

Talked to my Dad on Skype today. After another visit to the doctor today it seems I may have contracted a parasite/ amoeba of some sort, which would explain why I have not felt good for sometime. My efforts to get over it and just when I think I am better I am hit again either with a stomach bug or as in this morning abdominal pain that I could not explain. (I left school after getting sick and Faye came along to translate. I need to remember to take a photo of the doctors office (lets hope the opportunity never comes to do so, because I do not want to go back), imagine people packed sitting outside, one door where a nurse opens and calls the next number like you are buying lunch meat at kroger, when your number is called you go in and behind the door you walk into a one room filled with an operation table/ a desk/shelves filled with crap, bottles, cans, coffee mugs, loads of medicine, and the doctor playing music on itunes like it is some sort of party, most bizarre experience). 

Me in my stubbornness is learning that I need to slow down. Pretty sure my roommates have had enough of me being sick, yet still cleaning our house, or still going and going... My Dad as any father would, asked me if I had enough? If I am ok? I know what he was getting at. He meant, Am I ready to be done, Am I homesick? Am I ready to get out of this place? Without a moment of hesitation I said No and I meant it. I am well. I am good. My body has not particularly gotten used to here yet, either the food, water or something but that is temporary. My heart is good. I am good. Life is too good here. Of course I miss fall, I miss pumpkin in everything, Starbucks lattes, football, chili and tailgating but missing those things does not compare to the fact that I get to fall asleep to the most incredible storms, lightening that lights up your room, thunder that is right above your head (like right now, I just unplugged my computer for fear that we get struck loose power and my charger gets zapped). All of those things as well dont compare to the fact that tonight I was sitting around a candle lite table with new friends that seem like old friends, laughing, sharing stories and doing life..... 

The remainder of the day at school was chaotic as my roommates retold me what occurred  A week ago another teacher showed up, an older woman from the US that was brought on to do administration etc.. Long story short, the rest of us were quite confused because we desperately needed another 1st grade teacher and we could not understand why she came to do administration things... For the first time the principal listened to our suggestion and made her a 1st grade teacher (instead of administration) so Faye and Allison reduced their classes from 30 kids to 20 kids forming a third first grade class. Well low and behold this did not last because we found out today that she is leaving.. without much to be said from her...... You may be thinking how could this happen? Wish I could say I am surprised but you can tell I have been living in Honduras because the new normal is things change often and that is just the way things are. We are all ready for a weekend away at the beach for Fayes continued birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Faye! So grateful you are here and I look forward to celebrating this weekend.

May you too have a great weekend. I am beach bound, sick or well I am resting up on the beach for the weekend.. Cheers. Kristina

 Below are a few snapshots of things I am grateful for and snippets of my life here. 

Grateful for the big brown eyes of the kids here with big eyelashes... these eyes make your heart melt.. you get lost in them. They are bigger and brighter in person and so beautiful.

Grateful for new friends. Malcolm seen below is resident, local extradorinar and bird expert. He is one who knows much, is a friend to all and is a pleasure to share company with. (This picture is taken at the D&D one evening having dinner)

Singing with my kids. Yes I may look like I am fist pumping but I can assure you this is one of my many songs I like to sing with them.

The most incredible scenery to explore. Matt is my running buddy/ yoga / p90 buddy and being able to decompress in this place is incredible. (stole his instagram pic)

Grateful for weekends away at the beach with everyone. Being able to wind down, swim in the ocean, read my book, relax.

Grateful for this little fruit. It only grows until December so I buy these each time I walk by the stand on the corner in town, 10 limpiras a bag of these. The same lady and her husband sell them out of a large wheel barrel. They are called Liches. You crack them open and they are soft and gooey inside, they have a seed in the middle but you eat around the pit. They taste sweet, kind of like a melonish... not sure how best to describe.

Grateful for the simplest joys of homemade googled remedes for a facial mask. Grateful for Philip who insisted on that I need a cucumber. So he cut one up from the fridge for my eyes..... So funny.

Waterfalls. This country is rich with beautiful waterfalls and the picture below shows a painting done of Pulapansak.

Grateful. As someone once said, "How lucky i am to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard." I am beyond grateful to have a family that loves, supports, cares for me and looks at my dreams and does not laugh but rather delights knowing I am living with more joy than I ever have here, doing exactly what I want right now in this place.

Learning... I am grateful that I am learning to delight in the little things.

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