Monday, October 1, 2012

Hiking with the boys...

Sunday I went with three boys hiking from waterfall to waterfall, through towns and villages. We stopped in the nearby homes to gather a small child so he could lead us up to the waterfall. The Honduran kids came running and followed us up the path, barefoot and half clothed they jumped and ran along like they were floating on air, light on their feet they scurried up the steep incline just as it was their backyard. We however slipped and fell, bruised my leg, struggled as we climbed up. We climbed and climbed and arrive at an incredible waterfall. The kids giggled as we took pictures and looked intently at our things and smiled. This was their waterfall, their backyard, their home and we were the white people trenching on their ground. 

As we were coming down a small narrow trail we came upon a bull. The three of us quickly jumped up to high ground as we saw the man behind on his horse herding his two cows and the big bull. (my nerves were tested a bit). We came across the largest lemon trees. Lemons slightly smaller than a soccer ball. They smelled delicious. Fincas for hills and people so kind and children running outside. The country is full of so much, much more than statistics show. 

A midst the blazing sun and the heat the day was good. Good as in the very best kind of good. We walked, hiked, crossed creeks and stopped for water in peoples homes, hitch hiked back to the bus stop in this families truck only to get out and the rain started to pour down. As we stopped in towns along the way back to our town we sat as the bus filled with people. There is no max on a bus. Everyone pile in. As well Hondurans sell everything through the window of the bus at the stops. For example if you are thirsty or hungry you purchase from your seat, through the window of the bus. For the first time yesterday a lady held up a basket to the window with fried fish, eyes and all, saying "Pescado? Pescado?" My goodness never thought I could just buy a fish to eat on a bus. (Oh man) We were wet, tired and happy.

View from the bus heading to the town Las Vegas

Hiking up. You can see the lake in the distance
Little girl watching us.

Waterfall, in a neighborhood, not advertised in places.  It is a hidden gem. We paid a Honduran boy to take us up the trail.

View over.

Matt with the huge lemon 
EL Cacao Waterfall. I did not swim but the boys did,

The boys up ahead.
We started around 10:00 and did not stop until 4:00. We got back to the D&D Brewery, restaurant at nearly 6:00 and ordered our dinner. The night was cool, and we went home. Our feet were tired but the day was incredible. We have befriended the owner and guide at the D&D. They see people come and go on weekends or backpacking through so it is nice to have others close by in town to go on adventures with.

Side note; not a good day at school. One of the worst to be honest. I am off to bed. Night world.

Warmest to you from Central America 
Miss Kristina

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