Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home Again. Yoga School Pura Vida Costa Rica!?!

I am home. Honduras home again. The next time I board a plane I will be heading to the States for good. In many ways I look forward to that day in July but in so many more ways, it feels really good to be home in Honduras. After waiting a few moments for my taxi at the airport this afternoon, I heard my name called from across the airport.  After confirming that the voice was in fact trying to get my attention, I recognized friends of mine. (they were dropping someone off at the airport). 

It is so nice to call this place home and even more special to have someone call my name just as I landed.

Today Colorado is a blanket of white snowy goodness.... snow that makes it impossible to leave your house and as my friends used to say, it is "hunker down" weather. Where you hunker down in the house, with good food, wine, lots of movies and good company. My old house in Washington Park was a place that holds so many memories of these kind of days. Days when we would have snowball fights that proceeded through our front door, walking to Starbucks up the road through feet of snow, or walking to see if the bar up the road was still open. I miss this more than you know. I have envy at every picture someone posts of the inches that have accumulated on porches, posts about flights cancelled, and the ski slopes that are filled with fresh powder. I received an email from a friend, that said, "I am in Beaver Creek and its dumping!" What this girl would give to snap my fingers and be there right now. 

But tonight I am back in my bed in Pena Blanca... and my kids will be waiting for me tomorrow. I spent the afternoon doing yoga with my roommates in the every increasing temperate of our room, unpacked my things and bought fruit and vegetables for the week. Looking back on the previous week with my family in Cabo San Lucas I have decided it will most certainly be one of the most treasured trips we have ever taken. Not to bore you with a giant recap, just know that lots of sun, lots of coffee, lots of bloody Marys, beach yoga, yummy dinners, euchre, whale watching for the pacific life commercial, massages, facials including dad, our own pool, margaritas ..... but best of all seven days with my parents, my sister and her husband. (even extended when Josh and Britt got to stay till Sunday in Houston).

As for other news, I am beyond excited to announce that I am attending yoga teacher training in Costa Rica following the end of the school year. For 28 days I will be attending an intensive teacher training to be certified to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. More details I will share later but after lots of research I found this to be a perfect fit for the type of yoga I want to teach and what better location than Costa Rica..... So from June 15- July 11 I will be in yoga school (Sounds funny).

Hello Textbooks.... more on there way. more fun doctor school i think :)

Night yall..... staying up later than planned. My roommate came running in to give me a hug at my bed. Feels good to be here, inspite of all the other places I wish could be too.....

I like this quote below..... Charles Spurgeon is good for that....

"There are no measures which can set forth the immeasurable greatness of Jehovah, who is goodness itself... Notes of exclamation suit us when words of explanation are of no avail. If we cannot measure we can marvel; and though we may not calculate with accuracy, we can adore with fervency." Charles Spurgeon

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