Monday, July 8, 2013

Letters to things July

Things are a bit nutty around here. Tomorrow I teach my yoga practicum, 25 minute class for the first time and Wednesday we sit for our final exam (three hour exam). Thursday we have graduation (assuming I pass) and Friday morning I fly to Colorado. (Excited). Saturday I  am going to pick up my car from Winter Park and Sunday I move into my old/ new house. So ......... I may be a bit quiet on here......

For now I am soaking up my last few days in Costa Rica and Central America while trying to digest the last eleven months..... But for now here are some letters to some special things... as I get ready to go home.


To Zip Lining,

I knew climbing in the trees, zipping over huge waterfalls and giant cliffs would be exhilarating but you were more than that. You were awesome. I have not in a long time felt so limitless. It was beautiful, breathtaking, stunning and just a lot of fun. Proof is in the photos... (Ps all nine of us girls did it together, it was a blast, even when it started raining).

Best view of the line below over the waterfall.....


Dear July 4th Holiday,

Yes I know, last year Munich now this year Costa Rica.....I promise that although I have not celebrated you in the States for now two years in a row.....You have not been forgotten. This fourth I had the joy of driving across Costa Rica towards the Volcano Arenal with nine of my fellow yogis. We laughed, danced, ate junk food, dodged pot holes, climbed hills and drove in the dark and toasted to your honor when we arrived at our hostel that night.

Thanks for reminding me of where I am from and being a wonderful place to return home too
Cheers from this Traveling American

Dear Yoga Teacher Training,

You are Emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting.... but so good... I know that the end is near, but the exam and practicum that I still must do are the giant elephants in the room. I have to study ( a lot) before I can officially say I graduated and completed Teacher Training. I am looking forward to hopefully teaching in Colorado and getting deeper into my own practice. I can flip backwards now, go straight into headstand and am so close to forearm stand. More than anything though I have learned the value of taking time for yourself, taking deep breaths and living in the moment..... greatest lessons of all.

So glad I did this
From A New Yoga teacher


Dear Passport,

I did not realize how valuable you were until you were gone. I am so glad that the hotel remembered that they took you from me. I thought I was loosing it. So if all goes as planned I will be reunited with you in two hours time. Remember that you are my only way to go home, so you are VERY IMPORTANT. Your copy I have, US government says is not good enough. 

So here's to having you in my hands soon
Your owner Kristina

Dear Last 11 months,

Deep Breaths. It is over on Friday and I am in awe. Awe of what I have learned, what I have seen, the stamps in my passports, the laughter, the friendships, my global family, the tears and the deep rooted life changes that have occurred. You have far surpassed my even wildest expectations...... gave me more, stretched me more and for that I am deeply deeply grateful. Thanks for not disappointing, for challenging me and for making me feel more alive than I ever have been before.

love me


Dear Family,

Thanks for everything. For your words, for your unwavering love no matter what. I cannot wait to see you all soon.

Love Kristina

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