Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If I cannot stay then simply take me home

Today during one of our lectures, Amy told me that I had ADD. (I could not sit still). I laughed then smiled and then pouted. I am restless. My mind is racing. I find myself waking up at night making lists of to dos in my brain. At the same time on the other side of my brain I am repeating yoga poses, inhale and exhale.

What has my life come to?

One year ago Friday, July 4, 2012, I was boarding a plane to meet my friends in Munich, Germany to travel for ten days. Just the day before, July 3, 2012 I resigned from my job knowing that I would be moving to Honduras. And now in  10 days I will be moving back to the States. Leaving this beloved region of the world that has captivated my heart and soul.

Today I sit in the crispy cool mountain air of the mountains of Costa Rica feeling tired, sore and finished. Ready for that next thing to come. Time as I am aware should never be wished away........ but if I cannot stay then simply take me home.

My parents are sending pictures of their newly built home. My sister at this moment is probably rearranging the shelves in her and her husbands very first home. A dear friend in Colorado is nearly eight months pregnant with a precious baby girl.

So yes today I am ready to be there.

I am closing the chapter on one of the greatest adventures I have ever embarked on. Stories to tell for the rest of my life. Travels, that now feel as though they did not even happen. A new pair of eyes that look at the world with wonder and amazement. And ears that are quicker to listen and a mouth that is slower to speak. A heart that trusts God more today than it ever has before. A mind that is restless. And a me that is a bit nervous, anxious and still a bit heartbroken......

"The best stories share common elements, weaving a tale with rich metaphor, mounting tension, character growth, plot momentum and slowing, sweet resolve. Any story you’ve ever loved is good simply because the storyteller paid attention to these elements and put immense work into drawing them out." (source)

I can only hope that I pay attention to the story that God is writing for me.

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