Saturday, July 27, 2013

Apple Pie Amazzzingness

I just got the sweetest message from our neighbor across the street...... "The apple pie was amazing. We haven't had apple pie that good in decades!"

So grateful for her kind words. If she only knew it was my first one too. I thought what better way to meet the neighbors, then offer them homemade apple pie. I am so glad that they enjoyed it. And even more flattered that they so kindly complimented it.

As for the Cherry Pie.....Unfortunately the oven after 20 minutes or so was acting funky so I had to take  the pie out.  Long story short, once the oven was good to go and I put the cherry pie back in the oven, the crust got soggy and gross so I had to dump it. (1/1 I will take it).

So that leaves now 3 pies left to do.... but it is less intimidating now, that my pie crust worked well. (Coconut Creme, Pumpkin, Pecan are left). So much fun, and even better to share.....

As for the rest of my weekend... This morning I woke up with no alarm clock..... made some tea and sat on the front porch eating my breakfast. I got a virtual tour of my sisters new house via computer and was able to see what an incredible job they have done. Thank you technology.

Shortly after throwing in a load of laundry, my roommate and I decided to go on a run..... Our half marathon training has begun, (much to my disgust), so we thought we would go for an easy 2 mile ish run. Running has proved to be a much harder adjustment for me living back at the mile high city. (lungs yikes). We got our music play lists all ready and took off, waving goodbye to our roommate as she and her boyfriend prepped for their bike ride. (I laughed at how active our house is before 10 am).

Erin and I ran to Wash Perk, a neighborhood coffee shop/community gathering place that has stacks of magazines, newspapers, pastries, gluten free goodies, homemade ice cream, watering station for dogs anything you could desire..... its one of my many happy places in Colorado. Erin and I read the paper sipped our drinks and walked back home with our drinks in hand.

I later spent my afternoon riding my bike to complete some errands (a self imposed no driving afternoon). The sun was out it was really nice.

While standing in the front yard tonight meeting my neighbors, a moment passed and it took me right back to Honduras. Their son, who I figured was about 8 or 9 years old road by me on his scooter. I took one look at his face and saw my class. While their kids rode around on their bikes I couldn't help but wish so deeply for just one day in my class again. Just a few minutes even.

So while I am enjoying being back in the States, transitioning as best I know how and soaking up each second reuniting with friends, my heart still longs for that crappy apartment/house that leaked, my roommates and drinking rum with powder mixers, and of course my rotten little class.

Here's to hopefully more successful pies in my future.... and soaking up the last bit of summer left. And never forgetting that place down South....

Preparing the Apple Pie... Recipe Here. Homemade Crust Here

Cheery above without the top crust layer. Below was it with the full crust laid across.

Erin and I before our morning run.

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  1. Sorry the cherry didn't work out. The crusts were beautiful!