Friday, July 26, 2013

Colorado days...

What do you do when you don't have to work? and all your friends are working? The following:

I have watched Sense and Sensibility (fantastic quote the movie "my heart is and always will be yours") while drinking tea, painting my nails and laying on the couch while it rained. Watched another ESPN 30 for 30.....Gone to Yoga in the mornings for a class and in the evenings Crossfit. Mopped our floors, did laundry, cleaned out boxes, read my book and drank endless cups of green tea.  Slept in, got up early. Cleaned my car.  I have walked at Washington Park, rode my bike to REI, met for coffee with dear friends and grilled out on the back porch.I also have been lucky to spend some time with my cousin David and his wife Samantha who just moved to Denver. They as well brought my second cousin, puppy Frank :) (Fingers crossed I will get to be pet sitting him when they head out of town.) The sunsets in Colorado have been incredible and it feels so nice to be back here...... (although I dearly miss my class).

But my last day of "Summer Break" as some have said to me ends today. I am excited to announce that on Monday I will be joining the Athletic Staff at Colorado Christian University. I will be working alongside the Athletic Director as an assistant. I am so grateful for the opportunity and to be back in sports.

But before reality begins I think today I may spend the day baking.... I am working on completing more of my 20 things.... I will be attempting two homemade pies.... Cherry and Apple. (Wish me luck, pray for me and I will let you know if I am successful).

Me on our front porch....

Below is the list if this is your first time visiting :) (Back story of my twenty things here)

20 THINGS In year 25 

1. Read One Thousand Gifts. (with my mom, more fun to read when you have someone to share things with).
3. Complete the Whole30 Challenge (Again)
4. Run a half Marathon October 20, 2013
5. Surf in Costa Rica (Disclaimer I surfed in Nicaragua). Close :)
6. Make cookies for my neighbors and deliver them. 
7. Visit an Orphanage at least once a month (whether I am in Honduras or anywhere)
December 1, 2012 San Pedro Sula,   December 8, 2012 Pena Blanca,  January 28, 2013 Pena Blanca,   February 10, 2013 Pena Blanca,   March  22, 2013 Pena Blanca,  April 1, 2013 Pena Blanca ,  June 4, 2013 Pena Blanca, .................(note I am struggling to find an orphanage in Denver that allows visitors and guests)
8. Go camping. Real camping not car camping. 
9. Make homemade sushi
10. Have a dance party
11. Pray everyday before I go to sleep
12. Go on a weekend trip with my sister away. A city, or even in our hometown. Just she and I
13. Ride my road bike for a 100 mile ride
14. Read four Jane Austen Novels (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park) (Finished two... half way there)
15. Complete 30 days straight of yoga. Completed in January/February of this year
16. Officially kick my diet coke habit (lasted about 60 days in Honduras, got to let this one go.... I have now not had diet coke in now three weeks, which may seem like a small feat but if you lived with me you would know that this is a big deal.
17.  Learn to make pie crust, and make five homemade pies (Apple, Pumpkin, Coconut Creme, Cherry, Pecan) TODAY????
18. Drive a convertible (no stipulation on what kind of convertible)
19. Minimize my things, shrink my storage unit in Colorado, get rid of things. This is happening on Saturday June 13, 2013
20. Go Fly Fishing with my Dad.
Perhaps another year........

2. Get scuba certified in Utila (Honduran Bay Islands)(Not so sure this will happen, I decided to not get certified over spring break, but opted to relax and read my book) perhaps in the future.)

Happy Friday to you. Love Kristina

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