Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taxi to School? Back of the Truck?

First day of School (belated post from Monday)... Well like most of my posts have communicated, the first day was all over the place but it went off and I suppose the parents dont have much to complain of considering they do not know any different. We started the day with the kids coming in all forms of transportation. The communities from where the kids travel from, organize a bus to take the kids, which is basically a 15 person van, kids as well arrive in a taxis which look like the below: (They pile in up to 6 or sometimes 7 people. When we went to the D&D last weekend we piled in 6 of us. I sat on one side of the driver and someone else sat on the opposite side, a bit scary but kind of fun).

First day of school was a ceremony for all the families and the kids, so that the director could introduce the teachers and discuss the school rules. We entered carrying all the flags of central america and the American Flag. My British roomates were wondering where the British flag was? and the South African one? I myself asked why the American flag was included when the US is not even in Central America but they had no reply. Show goes on and the American Flag was carried. (Make no sense). I carried the Panama flag with a director from the technical high school that we share the campus with.(Guess I look like I am from Panama? I think not, they sort of grabbed me). Matt and Thomas carried the American flag. The presentation was very long, in Spanish and in the not yet finished auditorium. Pictures below:
Philip, England. Nick, North Carolina. Thomas, Texas, Matt Ohio.

We laugh because we blend in with the walls, already look hot and sweaty but smile anyway.  Left to Right, Faye,  England, Allison,  South Africa, Veronika (from England, more or less Honduran now) Molly, England, Me.

On Honduran time this will be completed someday! Such a huge blessing to the school though!

Waiting on everyone to make their way to the auditorium.
We did not teach this day but rather stood in-between our classrooms (Since I had two) met parents, attempted to communicate in Spanish and collect all the kids things.... Kids must bring soap, toilet paper, paper towels and wet wipes because the school does not provide this. So if a child wants to go to the bathroom they carry a basket with all these things in it.. The basket is a mess by the end of the day, usually missing the soap and paper towels everywhere.

Most of my kids were not there or they didn't stop by to say hello but it was nice to see some of their faces and they were so excited to see their classes. It was a little frustrating because the schedules were not done, (still not) and the classroom lists were not either and parents then ask me where they are, and I dont know. Such a mess but the show goes on.

I was exhausted... worn out so I knew then I was in for a real treat when classes started. 

Right now I am getting ready to read the 2nd grade Story for Reading because I assigned Homework. I assigned Homework in Reading, English and Math for today. One of my 2nd grade classes is very far behind the other one, rumor is that one of the teachers from last year only made it part of the way through the book. I can attest to the fact that they are very much behind. As well their overall skills and classroom etiquette is not on par like the other one, but I am determined to play catch up and make them smart. I spend most of my day with the 2nd grade A classroom... and we practiced phonics. I find phonics very difficult. How do you explain to a second grader that Dinosaur is spelled Dinosaur and not Dinosour? In Spanish the words are spelled as they sound but in English we have rules and not rules and things that just plain do not make sense. 

I must mention though that we had a great day in Science. I made them bring a leaf from home so we could use the day today to show how leaves are the same and how they are different. It was not an easy thing for them to do, they did not quite follow the instructions but for the most part they got the idea. I was trying to help them understand what a Scientist does. Lol. I tried my best.

As well, our day included the Hookie Poky.. I am struggling to understand the extent of their vocabulary so I thought I would make sure they knew their body parts. That was fun. Faye surprised me with a Diet Coke and saved my life mid morning. I am loosing my voice, tired and to top it off one of my students got sick on the floor. (Two thumbs up for that.. 2nd day of school and already vomit). She did not feel good at all.. poor thing.

Got a great run in after school... feels good to sweat off some of the stress. My kids mean well, I know they do, they are just kids that you love one second and want to scream the next. I better hop to my reading... if my kids must do it, I guess the least I could do is read it as well.  

Hope all you football fans are enjoying College Football Saturdays and gearing up for the NFL. There is a girl in Honduras who is missing Saturdays in front of the TV a whole bunch. 

Many blessings to you and your families. Sending love and prayers from this place to you, just as these kids and me, hope God is teaching you. Love Kristina.

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