Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nothing Like Being Sick When You are Far Away From Home

Sick. Not much up an update other than that a cold has taken home in my body, my cold went ahead and invited  its friend sore throat and headache to join in the party as well. Not fun at all for me. I am still itchy on my legs from my bites but Hydro cortisone is working wonders to calm the bites down a bit. I still look like I have the chicken pocks but they are shrinking (as long as  I do not scratch).

My roommates were troopers today. (Disclaimer for my British and South African roommates: if you read this and you do not understand why I chose the word "troopers" to describe you, I basically mean "Awesome" "rockstars" "The best")

 My roommates covered my classes for me all day. Faye had my second graders make me some get well cards. One of the sweetest gifts to receive... pictures of these treasures are below.

I am back to my bed relaxing. Very non productive day. Looks like I will be heading to bed soon. My body is not doing well.. but I am back at school tomorrow. We do not have subs so my roommates are left with a very busy day if I am not there, or my kids do not have anyone to teach them. We cant afford for me to be in my bed, or sick.

See a few cards from my kids.....I included below a few pictures of the Water Park Place we went to last week as well. The madness and all. Enjoy!

Check out this one. I am not sure if this is what I look like ..... but sure had to laugh.

Sergio made me this one. He is so very smart... and you can tell her wrote me a long love note.

Yes I have a little boy named Howdy.

Here are the pictures from the Day of the Child. It looks nice and calm in pictures but take my word for it... It was nothing like that at all.
Setting up for Dia De Los Ninos

The balloons were in abundance.

This is right before the principal decided to tell two of us girls we needed to get in the pool even though we were told to not wear our bathing suits. So silly. We had our clothes on!

View of the lake from the top of the slide.

Far left is in my class. Aracely! 
Me and the Girls 
Waiting to go down the slide. 

The smaller pool for little ones.
My second grade boys looking tough and playing Futbol.
 from the sick me in Honduras.

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