Tuesday, September 4, 2012

If God really sits and watches us?

I am certain at some point I will have mentioned all of my students, for things they say and for the things that test my patience so I am going to save my kiddos for a later post. However today I should mention that I am feeling a bit better. I say this with a bit of hesitation because I still have not yet received my schedule of classes, but it does appear that I will be teaching both sections of Second Grade A and B. Which means that when one class is in Spanish or an elective course I will be in the other teaching the core subjects. Fingers crossed I find out for the last time and the schedule is official tomorrow. (they say tomorrow we will get them, although we are already 2 days in of school, crazy I know).

If God really does sit up in heaven in a chair and watch us (I don't think he does, but for this visual lets pretend he does) I suppose he is watching me in these moments like a parent would be, hoping I make the right choices because he has taught me so for so long what is the right thing to do. Like a parent they invest time and energy loving their child so they grow up to make good choices, so that they know right from wrong and just pray their child does well. Let me clarify that I do not think god is watching to see if I am a good teacher, I think God is watching to see where my heart is in the midst of it all of this. I think he wants to see if I am trusting him with this, in my moments of frustration do I seek patience and love over frustration and anger? Do I look at the boy that acts as though I do not exist and kneel down next to him to try and get him to pay attention in class? Do I take deep breaths and soak in each face and each tear that falls knowing that these are the children God calls his own, just as I am? Do I realize how special they are in this kingdom? Goodness even writing this is hard for me to say because I know that God has probably looked down on me thinking, she knows better, she knows that everything will be OK, that I am taking care of these kids, that I am taking care of her, he is probably saying, Kristina Kristina Kristina!!! Trust me, it is all going to go as I have planned just love these kids well and love me first, I promise I will take care of the details.

If you know me this experience has already tested my stubborn, type A, independent personality... to the almost maximum and I have only been here over a week or so.... (time flies yet seems to stand still here). This country and much of this region of the world operates at a snails pace, decisions are made but on Honduran time, so you might as well sit down, pour yourself a drink and relax because things are done on their time. It is not that this time is not good, sometimes it is nice. I live in a house with three girls, no TV and we sit in our kitchen each night, planning for classes, laughing at our accents, listening to music, sharing food. We have no agenda, no place to go and are here. God is already doing a great deal in my heart and we are only on week 2.

Sunday all of the teachers and Ms. Veronika (from England, has lived here for 25 years or so, married a Honduran) went to San Pedro Sula to buy things at a Walmart similar store, shelves, things for our houses, floor mats etc. We also went to a store that had a great deal of American foods, so nice to stock up on some things to make chocolate chip cookies down the road. Our trip was fun, exhausting... We drove back to Pena Blanca (1.5 hour drive and I fell asleep in the bus). Sunday did some P90X in my room, sweating like crazy but it felt good to do something. Matt and I went to a Catholic church walking distance from their house on Sunday night. We got directions from his neighbors and they showed us on a map how to get there. His neighbors alerted us that we would pass a church on the way but it was not the Catholic one, so we should keep going. Turns up we didn't listen because we walked up to this church and the congregation of 8 people or so were staring at us. The pastor then preceded to say welcome, (He was so excited we were there) and I asked Catholica?? Catholicm? He said 7th Day (in Spanglish)? I then immediately was like "Ok Adios, Gracias Adios" Awkward to say the least yes. We laughed because we knew something was not right but we were kind of turned around....

We made it to the Catholic Church and it was packed.. Like sitting outside in chairs kind of crowded. (We sat in these chairs) I did not understand anything. (Matt is Catholic, I only caught on to the Lords Prayer because of the rhythm, I was like "OOOO I know this one!!" ) The whole service was all in Spanish of course. Matt and I sat in the lawn chairs outside and read our bibles while the service was performed. Let me paint a small picture of the service... there was a random stray dog in the middle of the aisle the whole service, packed with people all around.... lots of children running wild. Fans on the ceilings blowing. Marriages of about 8 people or so in the middle of the service at least that is what we concluded from our understanding of the priest. I held this young girls baby who was being a bit fussy for a while during the service. Bounced her and kept her entertained for a bit.. But she quickly fussed again and I handed her back to her mom. Her mom then began breast feeding right in church, (No fancy Hooter Hider, as they have in the USA for the suburbia moms, Honduran women mean business when it comes to taking care of a baby.... if baby is hungry than baby eats even if it is in the middle of mass. I realize I should not have been surprised but I was quite distracted because she sat right next to me and we are taking communion and baby is just having dinner... Goodness me.

I am still going to update on the School. Sorry more of my posts on my reflections on the school and no enough about the school itself. I promise more are coming. But since I think my kids are adorable.. Here are some pictures of my Second Grade A class.

22 in total

More updates to come soon.... Many blessings to you.

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