Friday, September 14, 2012

Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes in my class were a huge hit. Below is the picture of my kids as we were gearing up to fly them. It was art class so I decided to combine two things that are great when you are kid..... decorating things and throwing things in the air. Why not? It was a good Friday. This was one of those days I could have squeezed all the kids tightly as though I may not see them again. Perhaps it was because I did not have to teach all day and I only spent a few classes with my kids but either way today I delighted to see my kids so excited to fly their planes. Really funny story though because they all came to me to make their airplanes (fold them for them). Having never made a paper airplane before.... I had them all lined up at my desk to make them for them. Maybe I have made one once or twice in my life but they do not usually fly anywhere, pretty much straight to the ground. But today my kids were forming a line to have me make their airplanes. Hilarious. I folded and acted as though I had made these my whole life (making it up) hoping the kids would not notice. They did not notice. It was great. I even stood at the board with my back facing them so on the count of three they could fly them and try and hit me. They loved it.

Side note: I have been feeling a bit under the weather. Not sure if I ate something wrong or if it is just getting adjusted but hoping I continue to feel better. We are off to the beach tomorrow. Dia de los Maestros is Monday. Day of the Teacher. (No school Monday) We are renting a cabin on the beach. We are traveling early in the morning.... Hoping for a nice weekend away with the other teachers.

As well I should mention I had a great run today. Matt and I decided to run in the neighborhood across from my apartment. This was the first time since I have lived here I saw the extreme poverty. Homes that were built with scraps of wood or trash... What you see day to day is poor and what many would say is poverty but what we saw today is a different kind of poverty. We ran up and down the streets. It was more like a trail run... gravel not paved. Steady incline, super sweaty.... but so good. As well stray dogs you have to be aware of. If you encounter a dog that feels threatened by you (they are territorial in this country) they will attack so you have to act as though you are picking up a rock and they will back off (if not you throw a rock at them). This has not happened to me but while running today it was the closest we have experienced. Matt stayed on the inside of me and had to fend off two dogs. I kept running and was so grateful he was there.. He picked up a few rocks as they barked and ran towards us. They backed away eventually and we went on. I am not sure what I would have done if it were just me. (side note it is not advised for me to run alone, all of us go with someone else anyplace we go)

People look at us like we are crazy running because people are typically only running in this country unless they are running from something.... or after a futbol (soccer ball). Everyone seems to look at you like you are completely nutts, or they are asking who is chasing you?

Some fun news.....I am starting swim lessons for two of the kids in my class starting Tuesday. I am excited to spend sometime with them outside of class and do something I love and miss dearly. Both of the moms do not speak good English but fortunately their kids do much better than they so we could arrange a time and a place easily.

I will write more about what is happening when I return from the beach. For now my heart is heavy thinking of my friend Amy. Would so appreciate your prayers for her and her family. Below is a link to a video taken of her and tells of her story.....

From this place and my new home to all of yours... my warmest regards to your family..


Here is a picture from church two weeks ago.. Doggie to church day anyone? And some sweet kiddos playing futbol in the street.

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