Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Day 1

I am sitting at the airport, with my sister and her husband waiting on our plane to California. We are delayed... seems I have not had the best of luck traveling these days but in an hour we are on our way. You may ask Why California? Well, My cousin David is getting married in Long Beach so my final days in the states will be sunny Southern Cal with my family.

I turned in my keys to my apartment yesterday, drove my car up to winter park to store it (had a tough time finding the house, it was super dark and Meg and I got lost, funny story, but so not funny at the time), with the help of a recently acquired dear friend I was able to disconnect the battery, i have successfully  slept on the floor for four days and spent the last week with friends, all wishing me well in my new adventure. Thank you all for spending time, making time to say your goodbyes, I so appreciate all the kind words and encouragement. As for my goods, they are all in storage and all that remains are....two bags and a backpack. Nothing like cramming a year worth of life in a two bags.

I am not sure if excited is the right word to describe how I feel, in all honesty its the unknown and the change that I look forward too. I tend to forget that I will be teaching (Sounds silly I know, but when you are packing your life up to move for a year, your focus tends to be on the present and that is to make sure everything gets done in time before you have to leave; car insurance, notify bank that you will be country hopping, cancel your energy bill, pay final water bills, make sure your bills are paid, move out of an apartment, put your things in storage, say goodbye to friends, laundry... etc. the list continues......

Many of you have asked lots of questions and to be honest I do not know much at this point, rumor has it that I may teach 2nd grade! Which would be fantastic! However I am certain whatever classroom of children I am given they will be the perfect fit for me and teach me much more than I will ever teach them. I will post more on details, what my housing is like, what my life is like... so much to look forward too! I am told I will live with two other teachers but at this point I still have yet to know who they are.... so more on that as well.

As for a bit of timeline, I am in Long Beach until Saturday night, where my dad and I will take a Red Eye to Houston. (Business has him changing is plans which selfishly I am glad because we will fly together and he will see me off in Houston).. I leave the States at 8:49 Central Time from Houston..I arrive in San Pedro Sula on Sunday morning at 10:42 am. My bags are packed. Super excited that my big duffle, came in at 45 lbs. (50 is the limit) and my pack was 26 lbs only. (WHOO WHOO) Small victory that made my morning!

I will share more I am sure.. for now I will hang with my family..

My room for the last 4 days...

My battery.. Thanks to one of the greatest people I met, I was able to disconnect the battery and my dearest Meg Day drove me to Winter Park.

Will miss you car.. So long 8 months.

DIA Thursday Morning.. pre 8 hour delay....

Me and my life packed for 8 months.

Just me.. nervous, excited, afraid... all of the above.

Warmest Regards sent from the Rockies for the last time.
Will surely miss Colorado, it has been so good to me.

*** Should provide a disclaimer, that grammar, misspellings, mistakes are going to be frequent. I figure i am teaching kids how to properly speak english so I figure its ok if I have a place where I can just let my thoughts fall...

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  1. Kristina! I miss you already! Having you 100 ft away is easier to bear than thousands, but know that we love you and are praying for you, and will be excitedly keeping an eye out for updates and news. God bless, have an amazing time, and share His light with everybody you meet. :)