Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today is a good day

Taking in the good with the bad.

I just got home from Crossfit. This was my first visit back to crossfit since my surgery. My surgery was five weeks ago today (some days it feels like yesterday, other days like a lifetime ago). As you can imagine my ability to Crossfit is limited.  I tried my best with some air squats, step ups and core work, as I watched my friends push themselves with exercises that make my chest hurt just thinking about them. (not envious in the least).

Thank you Leann (and Crossfit Bluegrass) for my "Barbells for Boobs" shirts, I wore one today as it seemed appropriate for the occasion.

I think today will be a good day, it was really great to see my old workout friends and move my body a bit again :)

My return to work on Monday was good. I was so grateful for the warm wishes, the many "we are so glad to have you back" and to simply sit in my desk. Being back in the office, creates this sense of normalcy that I have not had. Although, my days are interrupted by doctors appointments and follow ups, I am back to work full time and really enjoying being back. My co-workers have been an extended branch of my family during this time, and to be able step back in has been a really wonderful distraction. I must admit, that with Christmas quickly approaching on the horizon, it provides some motivation to jump back in to my job and finish out the year strong.

I had the joy of listening yesterday as my boss shared about hearing the news of my clear lymph nodes on the day of my surgery. On day of my surgery it had been a busy work day for our company. We finally closed on a property that meant a big success for our business, so all hands were on deck for the occasion. In the midst of the hustle of the closing to do lists, the message came from my mom to my boss, that my lymph nodes were clear and that all of the cancer would be removed. Just hearing my boss retell the story brought tears to my eyes. A mass email went out to our office as my colleagues had been anticipating an update on my progress. What I would have given to see the celebration. (Or any of you celebrating for matter). Thank you for doing that..... For celebrating me. My cancer free me, I am so grateful.

I am officially on Day 7 of fertility medicine. After a few days of shots, I finally feel like I am getting used to the "song and dance".  I still have not quite mastered the angle at which to inject myself to reduce the sting but am working on it each time.

Your prayers are appreciated as it seems that although I am responding well to the medicine, I may not have as many eggs available to harvest as expected in someone my age. (No specific reason why to my knowledge at this point). I am still days away from the harvest and there is a lot that could change between now and then..... but I must admit the numbers they are tracking at this point had me very disappointed yesterday.  I am going in daily for blood work and an ultrasound, that way they can monitor the eggs (follicles) progress and adjust my medication accordingly. Thank you for keeping this process in your thoughts and prayers. I am hopeful it will turn out better than expected!

As well please lift up, the many other woman I see daily when I walk into the fertility office. My heart truly goes out to each and every woman that desires to have a child and they are unable to conceive.

Yesterday, I received some news that helps lessen the burden of the next few steps in this process. Cleaning for a Reason (Thank you Stephanie and Debora for sending this to me), provides house cleaning services for cancer patients while they are undergoing chemotherapy. I was paired up with a local, Green Organic (no toxins) cleaning service, once a month for four months. As you may or may not know I am notorious for keeping a clean house so this gift is such a blessing for me.

If you know of someone going through chemotherapy, I recommend you passing this along to them (represented across the United States). So many people ask how they can help or what they can do and one of the biggest recommendations I would say is, look at the persons heart? What would serve them well? As an often "OCD" cleaner, this gift brought a smile to my face. (along with so many others I have received).

Some of you may not have noticed my bucket list listed above in this blog. Just yesterday a colleague asked why I made one. He politely said, "It is not like your not going to die?" I kindly responded saying, "I know, I actually created the list two years ago before all of this started. I wanted a list to keep me dreaming. planning, setting goals and booking plane tickets."

Yesterday, my dad sent me an email that had been forwarded from his colleagues at Caterpillar in Houston, TX (Headquarters). They would like to grant me one of my bucket list items and host me and my parents for the 2015 Houston Rodeo (the worlds largest livestock and live music rodeo). As you can imagine, my Kentucky/Colorado hippie heart is so excited! I have always wanted to attend and now I will get too!

So to those of you reading, whom I have never met but are dear friends to my parents thank you for making this happen, In the midst of all of this, this is sure to be a special occasion. It appears the event may be falling during my last round of chemotherapy so a true southern, Texas celebration will be in order! Thank you so much.

That is all I have to update today. Today is a good day. The weather is beautiful outside and next Saturday I am heading back to Kentucky for ten days (the entire Christmas week).

Hope this email finds you well, healthy and finding joy where you least expected, even if it is in the normalcy of the day. Your continued love and prayers are so appreciated.

Love Kristina

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