Monday, July 16, 2012

With Joy I am Moving..... Story Below

God has a very funny way of reminding me that he above everyone else knows me at my very inner core. After all God whispers in my ear, "your my child, I created you that way"

For those of you who know me and others that do not, I love kids, I love their gentle spirits, their fragile emotions, the way tears fall so freely from their eyes at the very hint of pain, I love how honest kids are with how they feel, how dependent they are on others, their willingness to embrace a hug, and their equally stubborn personalities. My life has been filled with the honor of pouring into the lives of children, children that are not my own but children I have loved as though they were. Years spent as a swim Coach, my days as a nanny, hours of babysitting, young life, taking
Middle school kids to the best week of their lives at summer camp and my days singing and leading children's ministry....

So.... In one month from now I will leave my beloved home in Colorado to teach Elementary School at Lago Yajoa Bilingual School. The school is located on the largest lake in the country of Honduras in a small town Pena Blanca.

In many ways I believe God's timing is very much spot on and in other ways very inconvenient.  I like my life right now, quite honestly I love it. I adore my home in Colorado, my Subaru, happy hours with friends,  hiking in Boulder, hoping on my road bike, hot yoga classes, and the ability to be able to just head to the mountains just because. Their is very little I wish to change. However I should not be surprised that as a child of God, a God that loves me, knows my deepest desires, that he has even bigger plans in store for me....

I made a joke that if I only got one chance at this life than I sure as hell didn't want to be wasting it in a cubicle and or doing something that I was not passionate about. Perhaps God was not the only one laughing at my joke because now I am going to teach in Central America.

I share joy and a smile a mile wide at the thought of this opportunity, to only be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety seconds later. But in the midst of it all I am quite certain God is looking down at me with a smile on his face saying "Kristina this is exactly where I want you" in the wrestle, pulling and pushing yourself knowing full well that I have great things in store for you.  I am Honored and humbled that God would see to it that I embark on what I am certain will be big adventure.

I will be using this blog to share my journey teaching and would love for you to follow with me. My departure is the end of August until June... (Where I then plan to come back to Colorado... time will tell) your prayers are so appreciated..



  1. I can't WAIT to hear about your journey. Teaching children has changed my life (God works in you big time). Love on those babies and teach them about Christ first, then english! Praying for you! Have a wonderful time.

    1. Katie,

      Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I was in tears reading about you and Andrew and in many ways your story was a push for me to take this leap of faith... Enjoy Louisville... Love that place...

  2. That sounds like an amazing and terrifying experience all at the same time! You will be a great teacher and mentor to the kids you will be with and they are so blessed to be able to spend a year (or so) with you! We will be praying for you and your upcoming journey. <3

    1. Tessa,

      Thank you so much for your message! I so appreciate it! Miss you and so glad to see you and your husband are well

      Love your old Roomate!

  3. You will be missed here. I cant wait to hear about everything you do. I will be a fun journey to follow.

    1. Thank you Maria! Have a great rest of your year! Thanks so much for all the candy :)