Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soaking it all in..

Last night a friend told me that the only reason my time in Colorado has been really good the last few weeks is because I know that I am leaving soon but for some reason I seem to believe different. These last few weeks have been full of celebration, excitement, a wedding, family and so much more. Many people ask me, are you ready to go? Is your house all packed? (The answer is No and well Nope not yet) but trust me I will be and in due time I will be south bound. For the time being I am soaking in my last glimpses of my Colorado Summer, spending time with friends and doing my best to enjoy every second..... Here is  recap of my last few weeks.

For starters I got back from Europe and the next weekend drove up to Vail to spend the weekend celebrating my old roommate from college Rachel and Jameson's wedding. The weekend was so good, lots of laughter, late night dancing at the Red Lion Inn, swimming at the pool at the Vail Racket Club, drinks in town and topped off with a hike in East Vail on Sunday. The picture below is of Rachel and Jameson on top of Vail mountain. Beautiful....

Married in Vail on Saturday July 21, 2012
The next week of work came with much anticipation because Monday Night I managed to get tickets to see one of my favorite singers of all time, James Taylor. I love James Taylor because my parents used to play him in the car while we would go on road trips, many songs accompanied by my dads harmonica. Meagan Day and I decided this being our last few weeks in Colorado (Meagan is moving to Arkansas with our current company) why not spend the evening with this musical legend, not to mention at Red Rocks.

Following that weekend guess who came to Colorado to visit??? My PARENTS! Although they are spending the week in Aspen, I was so excited to head up the mountains on Friday to spend my weekend with them in Aspen. I arrived on Friday to watch the Opening Ceremonies in their condo in Snowmass. Saturday Mom and I attended a hour and half yoga class at the resort, I then joined Vince, David and my Dad to Hike SnowMass mountain. The whole crew spent the afternoon at the pool before we headed into Aspen for dinner. Dinner was followed by live music at the St. Regis Hotel.

Sunday we took the Gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain to listen to live Bluegrass music before I headed back to Denver.

Mom and Dad head to Denver on Friday... in the meantime I am attending two doctors appointments and the storage unit to get everything squared away for my move. I am adding a countdown to my blog for the much anticipated departure to Honduras.

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