Monday, October 27, 2014

Cancer Tips and Heading Home

I am reading this really fantastic book about cancer, called "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips". I too was surprised by the title of the book. The books unconventional way of offering advice has been tremendously helpful. Basically a guide to "Oh sh** I have cancer. What do I do now?" (written by a woman diagnosed with a rare form of cancer prior to marriage and children).

I have learned that I am in a very small group of women who are single, not married, and do not have children when diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So although some information others have offered is helpful, I have learned to trust my doctors, pray all the time and trust my own intuition to attack my cancer. Unfortunately cancer is not black and white. Given my BRCA 2 positive testing, the chances of this beast of a disease coming back still exist, so I am determined to do everything in my power to see to it that it does not.

One of the tips the book gives is to get organized. The author advises the reader to make sure you keep copies of everything, log your medication, and keep track of appointments. Below are some pictures of my cancer binder. I am protesting the color pink at the moment so I bought a kelly green binder instead. Almost three weeks ago now, I sat down on the floor in my room, played music, and got myself organized. I called it my, "cancer craft". This has helped me keep things together. As you can see I was given a LOT of information and keeping track is a small way of staying afloat. I have four doctors to stay in touch with, a Breast Surgeon (Moore), an Oncologist (Basche), a plastic surgeon (Williams) and a fertility specialist (Ambler). Having all of my information together in one place is tremendously helpful.

A large part of this journey is as well staying financially with it.... (at least aware of the financial piece). I quickly made myself aware of my coverage and deductibles so I am prepared for the financial obligations to me. Although the financial piece is overwhelming...... being in denial about how much it will cost for me to beat cancer doesn't help me beat cancer at all.

In addition to getting organized I did a couple things for myself. I got a massage :) and my roommate helped me purchase a yoga class package. Both of these things have made small dents in reducing the amount of stress I am handling. (stress can be a trigger of growing cancer, but try telling someone who has cancer not to worry..... if only it were so easy). On top of my full time job working at a private equity firm, I seem to go to the doctor at least twice a week since this happened, come in later to work and work even later. I am exhausted.

But more than handling the logistical pieces of cancer and preparing to take a month or more leave from work....... I have tried to squeeze every last ounce of goodness out of the past few weeks. From carving pumpkins, taking my road bike out for 20+ mile rides, meeting friends for runs, dinners and sneaking away to the mountains to see the fall colors.

I am grateful for this time to process and prepare......I mentioned I will be heading back to Louisville this Thursday for the weekend. I would love to see each and every one of you if I can..... 

Sunday November 2, 2014, my parents will be hosting an open house at their house from 1:00- 3:00 pm. Address: 1506 Bella Arbor Way, Louisville KY 40245

Please spread the word and stop by to say hello and to give me a hug. (And to cheer on the Broncos of course) I would be so honored. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have specific questions, old friends, new friends, Adventure Christian Church folks and Polo Fields families who have been cheering me on for so long I would love to see you all.

For my Colorado friends and family, please come stop by my house on Monday night in Washington Park around 6:30 pm. I intend to drink good bourbon, give lots of hugs and be surrounded by all of my favorite people. Please come by and hang out.

Monday November 3, 2014: 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm at 1152 South Elizabeth Street, Denver CO 80210

Last piece of business, I wanted to make you aware of a place that dear friends in Colorado have created to share updates, share ways you can help me and things that are taking place. I intend to keep writing on my blog but my friends will be coordinating some specific ways to assist me, both financially, spiritually and practically. Please visit this page for information on donating, sending mail, food, or simply hearing how I am doing.

Here is the link here

Every single comment or message is read not just once but multiple times. So thank you. They remind me that I am not alone and I am so grateful.

Hope all of you have a really great Tuesday. The sun is shining here, I took a 6 am yoga class and I am already on my second cup of coffee for the day. So take that cancer, worries and fear :)


  1. Kristina- thank you for keeping us updated. you are so strong!! I love that you are protesting the color pink and purchased kelly green instead- that made me smile.

    1. Thank you Sallie. Glad I made you smile. It did for me too :) Told the pink binders at Staples to shove it :)